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Apple and Flower

I’ve been away for awhile. Thanks for waiting. Part of my absence is because I have been working on a website dealing with art and my favorite media, pen and wash. I discovered pen and wash in college while taking art classes like sculpture, jewelry making, watercolor painting, charcoal, etc. to complete my BFA degree in art. The exposure to all these art form was an education; this and my art history classes. I had a wonderful art history teacher, an elderly woman named, Ms Swanson, with a mind like of a guru. I absorbed everything she lectured and all the paintings she presented on the screen.

It was during one lecture and slide presentation she spoke on watercolor paintings. Some of the paintings, not many, were traced in ink, or rather, pen and ink. I became intrigued with how the dark lines of ink add expression to the composition and compliment the water-based colors. I did further search on this art form and discovered it was pen and wash. I have tried watercolor before and felt it was for children to pass the time away but combined with pen and ink I discovered a media worth getting into.

After college I found a teaching job at a local high school. I taught on many medium but I made a it a point to always do one project in pen and wash. It was fun. After twelve years of the stress of teaching (it was a rough neighborhood) I burned out and left the teaching profession. The experience had an effect on my art-I stopped. I got tired of teaching but will never get tired of art or pen and wash. I just couldn’t pick up the brush again.

While teaching I was responsible for ordering supplies for the art department. I learned so much on art medium and the tools and accessories that goes with it; especially the new stuff that comes out, like water soluble charcoal? Wow. I learned what works and don’t works, quality from cheap and what’s expensive and what’s a fair price.

Despite the exposure to all the new stuff coming out, I still prefer pen and wash. So much so, that I opened a website on pen and wash. It’s www.penandwashpassion.com. I’m still getting the kinks out but it is available to get on. My web designer provided a slideshow on the homepage. This gave me an idea. I can show my pen and wash as an example of the media. Neat! What an opportunity and motivation to pick up the brush again and start painting. And I did.

I guess this is where I say, all wells that ends well. I’m glad I found pen and wash many years ago. I hope some day you give it a try, too.