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Aside from creating pen and wash on regular format size, like 8 x 10 or 24 x 36, I sometimes I like to use watercolor post cards. My pen and wash, “Teddie” on the left and “Apple and Flower” on my previous post, were created on Canson and Winsor & Newton watercolor post cards, 140 lb weight. Each took about fifteen to twenty minutes to created once I decided on the composition.

I’m grateful I scanned copies of these before mailing for I know I will never see them again. Why do I say this? I mailed them to a friend I met online from Port Louis, Mauritius. Mauritius is a tiny island 500 miles east of Madagascar; that’s about 10,600 miles away from Texas. I didn’t know the island existed til I met my friend! Fortunately, my friends knows of Texas, USA.

My friend and I were surprised the watercolor post cards survived the beating well going half way round the world in one piece. They are now taped to my friend’s mirror. She looks at them every morning when she gets ready for work. I invite all my pen and wash artists, and watercolorists, to mail an ounce of your talent to a friends across town or across the globe. They will appreciate it. My friend did.