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I had dogs all my life and only one cat. And like the gag cartoon to the left, they annoyed each other at times. I had him when I was about 8-years-old. I still have a picture of holding him, or her. He, or she, was a large short-hair marmalade American Tabby. I don’t remember anything about him, or her. He, or she, left an impression on me to love cats.

I understand how cat lovers relate to cats because of their character. They are relaxed, confident and self-assured of their actions, movements and motives. They don’t care about what others think, much less their owner; a sign of overly self-assured manner or arrogance. They are also affectionate with their look and meows, when they feel like it or when they want something. Aren’t we a little bit like them?
Still, we love them and they love us. We are a match made in heaven or each thinks they are in charge of the household. We’re glad we don’t speak each others language, otherwise, well; I don’t know what would happen. It doesn’t matter. As long as they curl up on our lap from time to time and give us that occasional I-want-your-attention meow and we feed them and change their litter box, we’re both happy.