I saw it wink at me!

I love going to museums. I get a warm feeling walking through majestic structures housing famous and priceless work of arts. To finally stand in front of a familiar piece, wondering what the artist was thinking and how they apply their craft and skills based on their life experiences that lead them to this moment of creation. Such an experience, like the gag cartoon on the left displays, leaves quite an impression.

When I studied art history in college, it was called Art Survey. Ms Swanson was an excellent professor. She really made you feel like you were there as she shows slide after slide of architecture, paintings and sculptures. I could listen to her forever, never get tired.

What I am getting to, and setting the scene for, was that a few years ago I visited a Georgia O’Keefe museum in Arizona with my family. I was excited to share my knowledge of art with my son, Kevin, who was young at the time. We came to one piece hanging near a corner. I was fascinated that it was a piece I have seen in books and magazines.

In my excitement in pointing out the details, I didn’t know I was inches away from the artwork. A security officer came up behind me and sternly warned me to please step away and return to the restricted distant. My son with embarrassed and gave me a “that’s dad” look. My son may be humiliated by my action but I think Georgia would be happy that her paintings are still getting people excited.